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Department of archaeology and museums has granted the status of protected monuments to 69 more historical buildings in Rajasthan.

New Protected Monuments In Rajasthan

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Historically and culturally rich state of Rajasthan has many monumental buildings; now, understanding the need of the hour, department of archeological and museums has granted the status of protected monuments to 69 more historical sites.  These places have to be developed through PPP model for further development.
The ambitious plan of the government includes restoration of places as cultural and pilgrimage centre. Facilitation and observation of activities and facilities at different sites, also, holding of holy ablution, art & craft pavilion, amphitheatre, meditation center, cafeteria, accommodation and festival ground landscaped courts and gardens, and more importantly toilets.
B L Gupta, director, department of archaeology and museum said that the initiative for granting a protected monument status is the first move towards protecting any monument. There is a very meager amount available with the government for the restoration of these monuments, and for that reason the things would be carried out in PPP mode.
This is not the only ambitious project in the hand of Archeological Department, it already has started working on heritage conservation and integrated development plan of the Devyani Kund. The department so far has collected an amount of around thirty lakh Rupees for the purpose, which according to the department sources would be used for the restoration of the kund.

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