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Indian Railways is thinking over a plan that includes addition of exclusive luxury coaches in all the major trains, for foreign tourists.

Indian Railways Planning Luxury Coaches For Foreign Tourists

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Indian Railways is mulling over the plan to add exclusive luxury coaches in all its major trains, in order to attract foreign tourists. An unnamed official from Indian Railways told that the Public Amenities Committee (PAC) had recently recommended that exclusive ‘specially designed coaches’ to be added to trains. This recommendation was made for the benefit of foreign tourists.
Many Indian travelers have an objection with this proposal. They say that an ability to pay should be the deciding factor for enjoying these kinds of services, rather than the nationality. The committee has not taken any final decision on the recommendation yet. The proposal will be reexamined and its feasibility assessed by the railway board and minister, in turn, determining its life.  
The idea of attracting more foreign travelers became the blueprint for the new proposal. The selected coaches will be designed for more leg room, comfortable seats, modern toilets, wider sleeping berths and aesthetic interiors. A larger window space will be designed to give a better view of the outside. India Railways showed its keenness on exploiting 'luxury' travel by foreigners, by extending better facilities through exclusive coaches.

Last Updated: 2009-11-04T16:06:08+05:30

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