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Air India will provide day return flights from Bangalore to Hyderabad, Kochi & Chennai, along with reintroduction of Pune route in its winter schedule.

Air India To Provide Day Return Flights From Bangalore

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Air India is all set to provide day return facility and an increase in capacity for its passengers from Bangalore, to Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi. The airline has also decided to reintroduce its flight on the Bangalore-Pune route, in its winter schedule, which will come into effect from October 25. The airline will offer 130 flights per week ex-Bangalore to various destinations in the country and abroad and a total seat capacity of around 17,000 will be available weekly, in the upcoming winter schedule.
The new Bangalore-Hyderabad flight IC 917 will start from Bangalore at 8:10 am and reach Hyderabad by 9:15 am. For the evening flight, IC 918 will leave Hyderabad, to reach Bangalore, at 5:45 pm. The incoming flight IC 915 from Hyderabad will arrive in Bangalore at 7:30 am daily and flight IC 916 will fly at 6:50 pm, from Bangalore, to reach Hyderabad at 7:40, daily. Apart from these flights, the existing IC 977, which flies thrice a week, will provide the connectivity between these two cities on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
At Bangalore-Chennai route, the new flight IC 509 will leave Bangalore at 7:45 am and reach Chennai at 8:30 am. The flight from Chennai, IC 909 will arrive in Bangalore at 9 am. In the evening flight, the existing flight IC 911 will leave Bangalore at 4:35 pm; to reach Chennai at 5:35 pm. On the other hand, from Chennai, flight 511 will arrive in Bangalore at 5:25 pm. On Bangalore-Kochi route, flight IC 509 will start at 7:45 am from Bangalore and go via Chennai, to reach Kochi at 10:25 am.
From Bangalore, the direct evening flight IC 511 will leave at 6:10 pm, to reach Kochi at 7:20 pm, daily. The direct evening flight will reach Bangalore at 7:10 pm, starting from Kochi at 5:25 pm. The re-introductory flight on Bangalore-Pune route will operate via Hyderabad. The flight will leave Bangalore at 8:10 am to reach Pune at 11:45 am and incoming flight IC 918 from Pune will arrive in Bangalore at 5:45 pm.

Last Updated: 2009-10-15T11:30:58+05:30

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