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In wake of global meltdown, hotels in Goa are offering 20% rebate to foreign tourists.

Goa Hotels Offer 20% Rebate To Foreign Tourists

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With September coming to an end, the peak travel season of India (October to March) is about to start. Keeping an eye on the coming season, Goa tourism industry is all set to woo the international tourists. Providing a start are 20% discounts by starred and large hotels and last year’s rates by small and medium hotels. The global economic recession had proved to be a dampener on the prospects of Goa tourism, what with potential international customers either losing their jobs or paying off loans at higher interest rates
The downswing of global economy has the insiders fearing a potential downfall in the tourist footfall as well. In order to carry over the present crisis and gain back its tourists, Goa tourism industry came up with the idea of slashing hotel rates. As per Ralph de Sousa - Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) President, 20% discounts will be offered across the industry in Goa. TTAG represents tour operators and hotels, mostly the high-end ones. The move is aimed to make sure that the repeat clientele of about 40% does not slip away.
Following in the footsteps of the high-end hotels are the small and medium sized ones, numbering around 200. Instead of slashing their rates, they have signed contracts with tour operators with the same bed and breakfast rates, as were prevailing in the last season. Serafino Cotta - Convenor of Federation of Small, Medium Hotels and Guest Houses, elaborated that step is just a way to take the burden off tourists, who are already saddled with the problem of rising air fares, arising from the hike in fuel costs.

Last Updated: 2008-09-26T17:08:26+05:30

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