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Puducherry Government has declared the Ousteri Lake as a wildlife sanctuary and has planned its development on the lines of Vedanthangal water bird sanctuary near Chennai.

Ousteri Lake- First Bird Sanctuary of Pondicherry

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The Ousteri Lake of Puducherry has been declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the government. The government has decided to promote and develop the 390-hectare lake to a full-fledged sanctuary. Ousteri Lake will be developed on the lines of Vedanthangal water bird sanctuary near Chennai. More than forty migratory birds reside throughout the year at the Ousteri Lake of Puducherry. According to tourism department different species of golden oriole, openbill stork, tailor bird, painted stork, white ibis, white-breasted water-hen and spotted owlets visit the water body particularly after November every year.
The department has decided to document the varieties of birds visiting Pondicherry to update and prepare a comprehensive database about the winger visitors. Under the government's renovation plan the region near the lake will be make litter-free so that it becomes favorable of the migratory birds. The lake region will be declared as no-horn and plastic free zone.
The forest department will take care of the maintenance of the newly declared bird sanctuary. Sign boards with complete details of birds and eight feet by six feet multicolor paintings of birds will be set up at different places of the sanctuary. The department will also plant more tress near the water body. Apart from these, a three-floor interpretation centre with library and audiovisual room and a small park will also be established.
The centre will enable visitors to attain complete information about the birds visiting the water body. Two telescopes are also proposed to be set up at the top of the centre to watch the birds. The government has planned to develop the region as a complete eco-tourism tourist destination. The tourism department has proposed to ban motor boating and fishing in the lake. In stead, pedal boating is likely to be introduced for visitor's leisure.

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