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The Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) is looking forward to promoting responsible tourism in National Parks in India.

Responsible Tourism In National Parks In India

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The Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT), a responsive campaign started by a group of Tour Operators, aspires to advocate, endorse and support better and responsible use of wilderness areas to all the professionals in wildlife tourism segment and visitors to wildlife parks in India. At present, it is working with lodges and resorts in six national parks of India — Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Panna & Pench in Madhya Pradesh, and Ranthambore in Rajasthan — to implement plans to promote responsible tourism.   
TOFT - India Director, Abhishek Behl, told that the campaign is currently working with 29 Indian Destination Management Companies and approx. 60 hospitality players to develop tourism in these areas. The TOFT- India, with its innovative concept, also certifies and gives ratings called 'PUG rating' to lodges and hotels in wilderness regions. Such ratings are given to help the travelers visiting the national parks as to make better judgments on which lodges to stay.
These ratings are given considering the concept of Sustainable Tourism, which is based on three pillars - economic, sociological and ecological. The campaign aims to empower the local communities to get involved in wildlife tourism projects and set off low impact and sustainable development, to help in the conservation of the national parks and simultaneously help the communities through employment and business opportunities. It is taking steps to develop wildlife conservation and community support, together with waste and water management, trade cooperatives, local employment, fair wages and local enterprises and services.
TOFT is also working with the forest department so as to take steps where hospitality players can join and plan new policies, making a positive impact on the tourism industry, local communities and wildlife. Over and above, it is also working with Global Tiger Patrol (GTP), a conservation agency dedicated to the protection of the tiger, especially in India, to bring an end to poaching of tigers.

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