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The people of Chandigarh are extremely vivacious and fun-loving in nature. Let us explore the lifestyle of the people of the city, in detail.

People of Chandigarh

People of ChandigarhChandigarh is inhabited by people of varied races and classes. Most of its inhabitants trace an Indo-Aryan ethnic origin. There is lots of diversity among the different castes residing in Chandigarh. Say, even when a Jat and Khatri are next-door neighbors, some of their cultural traits vary a lot. These diversities add beauty and color to the cultural heritage of the city. Due to the diversity in the castes and culture of the people of Chandigarh, exploring the nooks and corners of the place can be a lot of fun for travelers. To know more about the people of Chandigarh, go through the following lines.

Among the various castes that are present in Chandigarh, the most dominant ones include Jats, Khatris, Aroras, Brahmans, Vaishas, Lohar, Gujjar, Tarkhan and Sansins. People belonging to other castes also live in the place, though in minority. These include the Awans, Arians, Kalals, Ahluwalias, Labans, Nais, Sainis, Kambohs and Soods, apart from Banias, Bhatias, Brahmins and Chhimbas. Some of these castes have Arabian, Persian and Turkish heritage as well.

Sikh Jat is the biggest community settled in Chandigarh. The people belonging to this caste are expert in agriculture and contribute significantly towards the regional agricultural output. They are characterized by a well-built appearance. A strong will power and the determination to earn a better living are some of their positives. The Khatris and Aroras are next largest in number, who are more into trade than agriculture. Among the minor agricultural castes, Sainis and Kambohs are the most prominent ones. The minority castes are occupied in agricultural operations as well as local trading operations.

People in Chandigarh are accustomed to a leisurely lifestyle, which sets them apart from the residents of other major cities in India. However, with the passing time, they are adopting themselves to a fast paced lifestyle. People in the city are very friendly and warm. Even when they live a very busy life, they try make it a point to dedicate some of their time to their loved ones and go for outing, especially during weekends, to some of the major attractions of the city.

Over the passing years, the city has become a trendsetter in fashion. Youth studying in different colleges of the city hang out with their friends, flaunting their chick clothing. People here easily embrace the drastic change in the fashion trends. Unlike the major metropolitans, where the life literally starts after 10 pm, Chandigarh goes off to sleep early. The celebrations of most of the occasions generally do not extend beyond 10 pm. Nonetheless, you can still find a decent amount of people partying in pubs and discs.

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