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Traveling in Goa made easy for you. Read on to know about travelling to Goa, a great tourism destination in India.

Goa Travel

If you thought Goa travel is all about sun-kissed beaches and swaying palms, then you are utterly mistaken. There is more to Goa than its picturesque beaches. Travel to the cities of Goa if you want to delve deep into the Goan history marked by persistent invasions and heroic battles.

Each of the cities of Goa has a story to tell and traveling in Goa will offer you a peek into living history. As alien forces conquered this land, they built their dominions around these cities and spawned architectural monuments symbolizing the dawn of a new culture.

Today while traveling in Goa cities, you will come across majestic churches, sacred Hindu temples, stately mansions and ancient monuments. All these structures are prominent tourist attractions for their rich legacy. As more and more tourists descend on this beautiful state, the cities of Goa will be the fulcrum of the flourishing travel and tourism industry.

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