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Sikkim, a land with celestial beauty, is certainly a place to travel in India. Check out travel and tourism in Sikkim.


Good things come in a small package: that's what describes Sikkim the best. Sikkim is perhaps known to be the second smallest state of India, yet this small state is aptly enrooted in the Indian soil. Set amidst the rugged mountains with lofty peaks, Sikkim has the splendid charm to mesmerize anyone with its enchanting beauty. The sumptuousness of Sikkim reflects in its snow-cloaked mountain peaks, verdant valleys, gurgling rivers, terraced hills and floral wealth.

Unlike metropolitan cities, Sikkim is a tranquil destination, where mountains and lakes dominate the land. The state cuddles the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga, which is proclaimed to be the world's third highest mountain peak. It is for sure that a tour to Sikkim would definitely be a life-time experience. The spiritual aspect of Sikkimese comes alive through the monasteries, where monks live in a divine ecstasy.

Here, the breathtaking view of Mt. Kanchenjunga compensates for the fatigue of mountaineering. What more could describe this land of mystic splendor? The temperate climate of Sikkim further adds to the delight, which this state offers. Covered with dense forests, parks and sanctuaries, Sikkim is certainly a place for nature lovers. The multi-hued mountains, cloaked with snow drapes, verdant forests and snuggling watercourses, completes the vision of a 'Shangri-La' on the planet.