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The Photo gallery will offer you a glimpse of bewitching environs of Sikkim. Check out the pictures and photos of Sikkim, India.

Sikkim Photo Gallery

Sikkim is a state in India that captivates everyone with its resplendent beauty. This small state has people of many religions, who utter different languages, yet Sikkim is an excellent specimen of mutual harmony amongst people. With its distinctive culture and festivals, Sikkim depicts a rich cultural heritage. The natural environs of Sikkim present truly a vista to behold and admire. The photos of Sikkim look absolutely real and one can really feel the atmosphere just by looking at them.

The lofty hills, picturesque lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, sacred monasteries and many other features, tender exquisiteness to this state. The temperate weather and mouthwatering cuisine put in supplementary appeal to Sikkim. Check out the photo gallery of Sikkim to get a glimpse of the transcendental beauty of this state. We give you the pictures of Sikkim captured beautifully in this picture gallery below.