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Check out the tree houses of Kerala, and also tree top house stay.

Tree Houses in Kerala

Tree Houses in KeralaIf the beauty and serenity of Kerala mesmerizes you, you will be amazed at the innovative thinking of people there. To make tourists feel one with nature, the people came up with the idea of tree houses of Kerala. These unique treehouses in Kerala are an ideal way to break off from the bustling city and surrender to nature. Local craftsmen build these tree houses from eco-friendly material on the top of tall, strong trees. Some tree houses can go upto heights of 100 feet from ground level. Make it a point that you experience tree house stay in Kerala while in India.

The tree houses are built in such a way that one feels one with nature and at the same time, isn't devoid of modern amenities like electricity, attached bathrooms, telephones, etc. The energy for electricity and other modern amenities is produced using a unique combination of solar energy and "gobar gas" (energy from processed cow dung). This prevents air pollution and noise pollution, thus keeping the environment clean and noise free. A uniquely built crane is used to transport people onto the tree houses. Some tree houses also have a hanging bridge to reach the ground.

The people who manage these tree houses take extra care of those who have come to take a break from the busy and stressful city life. You will be treated no less than Gods and every need of yours will be taken care of. You will be served authentic Kerala cuisine in the traditional style. Instead of plates, you shall have banana leaves and you will have to eat with your hands for a truly finger licking experience. The pleasure of eating with your fingers is no comparison to forks!