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Kasargod/Kasaragod is an important tourist destination in Kerala. Explore more on travel and tourism in Kasargod city of Kerala.


Location: Northern Kerala, India
Climate: Tropical, Warm and Humid
STD Code: 0499
Must See: Bekal Fort, Bela Church
Languages Spoken: Malayalam, Tulu, Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and English
How to Reach: Kasargod is well linked to other parts of Kerala by air, rail and road.
Best Time to Visit: August to March
Shopping: Coir and Handloom

Bekal Fort KasargodKasargod is located in the northern part of Kerala. The place is known for its handloom and coir industry. Also, it is famous for spectacular items of bell metal. Though still untouched by urban lifestyle, Kasargod tourism is fast catching up because of its natural beauty. The main economic activity of people of Kasargod is fishing. While you travel to Kasargod, you will see the forest-covered lush green Western Ghats towards the East and the vast Arabian Sea towards the West. It is flanked by two main rivers, Talapadi and the Trikaripur in north and south respectively.

Kasargod has a variety of temples and places of worship that have a distinct architectural style. The place gets its distinct beauty from the calm lagoons fringed with coconut trees and dense vegetation. There are many places in the city as well as surrounding it and are quite a feast to the eyes. The temple of Madhur Mahaganapathy is unique and is a must visit. Other historical structures like the great Juma Masjid speak volumes about the rich cultural background of the place. So visit Kasargod, and see for yourself the place that is also called "Land of Gods".