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Bardhaman is an important district of West Bengal, sited in Eastern India. Read this section to know about travel & tourism of Burdwan.


Location West Bengal
Climate Summers: 38°C (Maximum), 20°C (Minimum)
Winters: 24°C (Maximum), 10°C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit October to February
Nearest Airport Kolkata Airport
Nearest Railhead Bardhaman railway station
Must Visits Curzon Gate, Tomb Of Sher Afghan, Golapbag, Meghnad Saha Planetarium, Science Center, Sarbamangala Mandir, Kankelshwari Kalibari
Language Spoken Bengali, Hindi and  English
STD Code 0342

Sarbamangala MandirLocated at an average elevation of 40 meters above sea level, Bardhaman is one of the important districts in West Bengal. The headquarters of the district has also been christened by the same name. Talking about Bardhaman city, it is situated about 100 km to the north-west of Kolkata, on the Grand Trunk Road (NH-2) and Eastern Railway. River Damodar and Banka Nala are the two main water bodies of the place. The city has been serving as the headquarters of the district since the time of the Mughal rulers. During the British rule in India, Bardhaman was the district headquarters of British India.

Bardhaman district has an enriched historical, cultural & religious importance. There are many theories behind the naming of Bardhaman. As per its literal meaning, Bardhaman means a prosperous and growing centre. It is believed that the region signified the frontier colony of the progress of aryanisation through the upper Ganges River Valley. However, the Aryans failed to proceed further east and the name was retained. According to another theory, the origin of this name dates back to sixth century BCE and is ascribed to Vardhamanswami or Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Jain Tirthankar, who is believed to have spent some time in Astikagrama. The place was thus named in his honor.

Thanks to the numerous conflicts and acquisitions in its past, Bardhaman has a multi-cultural heritage. The architecture of the place displays a glimpse of the prolific powers of the yesteryears. Being both a victim and a survivor of numerous violent conflicts, due to Mughal, Pashtun and Maratha invaders, Bardhaman today showcases beautiful and exotic temples, duels, monuments and structures. Right from Raja Todarmal to Daud Karnani, from Sher Afgan and Kutub-ud-din to Ajimuswan and even young Shah Jahan, the town of Bardhaman was visited by the most respected notables of the Delhi Sultanate. It surely is a haven for archeologists and people with an inquisitive mindset.

Once in Bardhaman, there are numerous sites that would surely make the place worth visiting. One of the most important sites is the shrine of Sarvamangala, which is said to contain the remnant of Sati's body, the umbilicus. Thereafter, you can watch the enigmatic Curzon Gate, standing tall in the honor of Lord Curzon. The exotic palaces and lovely gardens would surely be the favorite hotspot of tourists visiting the beautiful city of Bardhaman. Once done with the sightseeing, do not forget to taste the sumptuous sweet delights - Sitabhog and Mihidana, the two famous sweets that were introduced in the honor of the Raj family. Shaktigarh's Langcha is another local specialty. With much to revel in, Bardhaman is a must-go destination!!

Bardhaman Excursions
Bardhaman is one of the oldest known districts in West Bengal, having its roots well laid in the Mesolithic Age. Once the headquarters of the Moghuls and later the British, the district boasts of a long and interesting cultural heritage. All the eras gone by have left the district with strikingly stunning remnants, which have today qualify as great tourist attractions and excursions spot of Bardhaman.

How to Reach Bardhaman
Bardhaman is one of the most popular districts of West Bengal; with its district headquarters having the same name. This place is famous for its religious as well as travel expeditions. It is named after Vardhamana, the twenty-fourth Jain Tirthankar, and is also said to be one of the oldest places in West Bengal, with a traceable history that dates back to somewhere about 4000-2000 BC.

Tourist Attractions
Bardhaman is an important district of West Bengal. Deemed as one of the most advanced districts, owing to its various facilities in the sectors like agriculture, industry, health and education, Bardhaman is known for its rice and oilseed milling and hosiery, cutlery, and tool manufacturing industries.

Bardhaman Weather
Bardhaman district is famous for its historical sites. Believed to have been named after Varddhamana, the 24th Jain Tirthankar, it is considered to be one of the oldest places in West Bengal. In fact, it is the perfect destination for those who love history and archaeology.