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Durgapur is an industrial metropolis, in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. With this section, explore travel & tourism of Durgapur city, India.


Location Bardhaman District, West Bengal
Climate Summers: 35°C (Maximum), 28°C (Minimum)
Winters: 25°C (Maximum), 15°C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit October to February
Nearest Airport Kolkata Airport (175 km)
Nearest Railhead Durgapur Station
Must Visits Bhabani Pathak’s Tilla, Durgapur Barrage, Troika Park, Durgapur Steel Plant
Language Spoken Bengali and  Hindi
STD Code 0343

Troika ParkDurgapur is one of the well-planned industrial cities in West Bengal, situated on the banks of river Damodar. Founded in the late fifties, by the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the city falls under the Bardhaman district. The city has an average elevation of 65 meters and sprawls over an area of 154 sq km. It is surrounded by Asansol subdivision on the west, Bardhaman Sadar subdivision on the east, Bankura district (across Damodar River) in the south and Birbhum district (across Ajay River) to the north. Ranigunj-Dhanbad area, the biggest coalfield region in India, is also close to the Durgapur city.

There are two main water bodies in the Durgapur subdivision - River Damodar and River Ajay. While the former flows in the north, the latter directs its way in the south of the city. Two rivulets, namely Singaran and Tamla, flow through the area, joining Damodar. On the other hand, river Ajay is the point of unison of two other rivulets, Kunur and Tumuni. Talking about the topography of the area, it is an undulating one. Once a wild forested area, it has many trees evacuated from the area, for civilization purposes. However, some parts of the region are forested till today, standing tall and signifying the yester years.

Right from being home to the mighty emperors in the former years to the present day industrialization and commercialization, Durgapur city has undergone various changes. Durgapur Steel Plant has played a prominent role in altering the face of the city. A unit of SAIL (Steel Authority of India), it brought about industrialization and employment in the city. Alloy Steels Plant, Mining and Allied Machinery Corporation, Hindustan Fertiliser Corporation, Philips Carbon Black Ltd., Sankey Wheels and Bharat Ophathalmic Glass Ltd follow later, further elevating the standard of living in Durgapur.

Today, Durgapur has become one of the hotspot destinations in West Bengal. It offers tourist a lot of interesting sites, which makes the place worth visiting. In addition to this, the city is on the way to become an Aerotropolis, an integrated city with contemporary infrastructure for industries, logistics hub, IT, hospitality, healthcare, education, retail and residential. Just about 10 km away from Durgapur, an airport city is being built by Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited (BAPL). Software biggies, such as Wipro and TCS, are also moving towards Durgapur. In the coming years, the city is sure to experience a facelift.

Durgapur Excursions
Durgapur is one of the excellent destinations in West Bengal, where you can get a taste of the industrial township. Mostly known for SAIL's Durgapur Steel Plant, the city has are a number of other attractions as well, within as well as around its vicinity.

How to Reach Durgapur
Durgapur, located in the Bardhaman district, is popularly known as the industrial metropolis of West Bengal. Located about 160 km away from Kolkata, the state capital, Durgapur is very well-connected via roads and rails. The roadways and railways link it not only to Bardhaman and Kolkata, but also to the rest of India.

Durgapur Steel Plant
One of the integrated steel plants of SAIL or Steel Authority of India, Durgapur Steel Plant is a place of immense importance. The plant boasts of being the most significant site in the city. Situated on the banks of the Damodar River, at a distance of about 158 km from Kolkata, Durgapur Steel Plant has its geographical location as 23°27' N and 88°29' E. Though not an individual company, the plant is the largest industrial unit in West Bengal.

Tourist Attractions
An industrial metropolis in West Bengal, Durgapur is situated on the bank of river Damodar, just before it enters the alluvial plains of Bengal. Widely renowned for its steel plant, Durgapur has lot to offer to tourists who are on a visit to this well planned and constructed city. Falling under the Barddhaman district,

Durgapur Weather
Surrounded by Asansol subdivision on the west, Bardhaman subdivision on the east, Bankura district (across Damodar River) in the south and Birbhum district (across Ajay River) to the north, Durgapur has a transitional climate. The place is located at an elevation of about 65 m above sea level.