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West Bengal
Malda is situated on the banks of the River Mahananda. Explore all about travel and tourism in the city of Malda, West Bengal (India).


Location West Bengal
Climate Summers: 46°C (Maximum), 25°C (Minimum)
Winters: 20°C (Maximum), 4°C (Minimum)
Best Time To Visit October to March
Nearest Airport Bagdodra Airport
Nearest Railhead Malda
Must Visits Gaur, Pandua, Malda Museum
Language spoken Bengali, Hindi and English
STD Code 03512

GaurMalda city of West Bengal is situated on the banks of the River Mahananda. It is one of the biggest cities in West Bengal and famous for the production of mango and silk. The city was earlier named 'English Bazaar', as it came into prominence when an English factory established here, in the year 1771. The city basically serves as the tourism base to the two historic cities of Pandua and Gaur. People interested in historical and archaeological expeditions must head towards this particular region in West Bengal.

Malda, once the capital city of Bengal, lies between Pandua and Gaur, two other prominent cities of ancient and medieval India. The city however is comparatively very new in origin. It also once acted as the river port for Pandua. Today, Malda is the one of the important rail link of West Bengal, where all trains bound for north Bengal and northeastern states of India halt. Apart from being known for its silk and mango production, the city is also renowned for its surplus rice, jute, wheat and cotton productions.

Malda offers visitors the tourism prospect of Gaur and Pandua. Gaur, being the capital city of three dynasties of ancient Bengal - the Buddhist Palas, the Hindu Senas and the Muslim Nawabs, is a city with glorious past. On the other hand, Pandua, the alternate tourism spot near Malda, is one of the prominent centers of Muslim monuments in Bengal. Malda also houses the Malda Museum, which has a vast collection of the regional architectural and anthropological specimen. A trip to Malda will be extremely beneficial for understanding the historical and cultural emergence of Bengal.

History of Malda
Malda district has always been an important seat of power in West Bengal. The existence of this historic location can be traced back to long back, at least to the existence of Mauryan Empire. Though the cities of Gaur and Pandura had always kept the district in the list of prominent locations of Bengal, due to the concentration of power at these two blocks, Malda city came into existence only after the arrival of British troops in this area, in 18th century.

How to Reach Malda
Malda is one of the largest cities of West Bengal, located by the western bank of Mahananda River. The city is basically famous for its silk, cotton and mango productions. As the city came in prominence after the establishment of an English factory in the area, it is also popularly called English Bazar. The city of Malda acts as a tourist base to the historical cities of Gaur and Pandura, located nearby.

Tourist Attractions in Malda
A trip to Malda will be fascinating for everyone who is interested in historic expeditions. As the city serves as the tourism base to the two historic cities of West Bengal - Pandua and Gaur, it is mostly visited by archeologists and historians involved in chronological studies and surveys. It also houses a museum, which has vast collections of region's architectural and anthropological samples.

Weather of Malda
Malda is one of the prominent cities of West Bengal, located on the Western bank of Mahananda. The city is basically famous for being the base to the tourist spots of Gaur and Pandua. It has a mild and moderate temperature around the year, except for the extremities of summer, in the peak months. Basically there are four seasons in the year - summer, winter, monsoon and post monsoon.