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Given here is information on the celebration of Vishu festival in Kerala, India.

Vishu Festival

Vishu Festival KeralaVishu festival is celebrated on the first day in the first Malayalam month of Medam (March - April) and is the most important festival of Kerala. Kerala Vishu festival is all about welcoming the spring season as a New Year begins afresh. It is usually celebrated on April 14th every year, though may differ according to the traditional calendar. Vishu festival celebration in Kerala is worth watching as each house glows and gleams on this occasion.

On this day, it is believed that the first thing one sees in the morning will decide the kind of year ahead. This is the main belief behind preparing "Vishukani". An assortment of items like raw rice, gold, silver, coins, holy text, some particular vegetables and fruits, etc. are arranged on a tray. Usually the youngest member of a family is ushered with his/her eyes closed to room where all this is arranged in front of images of Gods. He/she is then asked to look at these items. This is done early in the morning, usually at the crack of dawn. The elders of the family prepare this tray.

It is said that seeing goods like the ones above will assure prosperity in the coming year. Everyone wears new clothes on this day and visits temples to thank Lord for the year that went by and look forward to another great year. All houses are decked up with flower garlands and lamps are lit to bring in good luck and positive energy. The kids are given small amounts of money to make sure that they prosper ahead in life. The most awaited part is the feast that is prepared in each household. All traditional food items are prepared and the delicacies are absolutely lip-smacking. In case you visit Kerala during this time, make sure you visit temples to see spectacular decorations.