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Read about the forecast of weather and climate of Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha.

Alleppey Weather

The weather of Alleppey is pleasant throughout the year making it the ideal destination for tourists. If you are wondering about Alleppey weather and climate, we provide you information on Alleppey weather. Read on further about Alappuzha weather forecast as given below…

The weather in alleppey is usually pleasant and this place does not experience extremes in climatic conditions. The summers though hot, are pleasant. The temperature varies between 22° Celsius to 35° Celsius in summers. The place basically experiences maritime climate. The place hardly experiences any winters and the weather remains cool during the later half of the year. The temperature usually varies between 18o Celsius to 30° Celsius in winters.

The months from January to April and August to October are the ideal months to visit Alleppey. The place experiences heavy monsoon showers and if you love rains, you can always visit Alleppey during monsoons.