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Take an enchanting tour on the backwaters of Kottayam, Kerala.

Kottayam Backwaters

Kottayam BackwatersOne of the most beautiful backwaters destinations in Kerala, Kottayam is famous for its natural wealth of stunningly beautiful backwaters. Kottayam backwater tours are the best way to explore the serene and calm environs. Kottayam is popularly known as the land of lakes, latex and letters. This is so because of the fact that Kottayam has a number of lakes, extensive rubber plantations and a very high literacy rate. The backwaters of Kottayam, Kerala are the ideal place to pamper yourself silly and watch time stop.

The vast expanse of the Vembanad Lake, bordered by the lofty Western Ghats makes Kottayam a perfect backwater destination. The blue waters and the lush green plantations give a magical touch to the serene environment. This famous tourist destination of Kerala is the ideal place to take a break from the mundane everyday life. Take a cruise along the lovely stretches of crystal clear water and enjoy the evening twilight and the fading chirruping of birds. Kottayam is a place of great natural beauty and tranquility, something that will surely enchant you on your trip to the backwaters.

The place derives its name from two words, 'Kotta' and 'Akam', which means inside a fort. Kottayam was a prized possession and every ruler yearned to have this place under his empire. The land was fertile and was among the most important places of trade during the days of yore. The place is a must visit if you have interest in seeing ancient ruins of palaces and forts. So pack your bags and rush to Kottayam where life in its purest form awaits you.