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In ancient times, Nalanda was a great center of Buddhist learning. Find more on Nalanda.


NalandaHistorical evidence shows that that Nalanda was a great Buddhist centre and a center of learning. Today, Nalanda is a part of the Budhist circuit, i.e. all the destinations that were associated with the life of Lord Buddha.

The University of Nalanda, established during Gupta Period, was a center of international repute and a residential university more than ten thousand students. Students from various parts of the world come to Nalanda to study Buddhism, Vedas, Logic, Grammar, Medicine, Meta-Physics, Prose Composition and Rhetoric. Students from China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Java, and Sumatra would come and study here at the University of Nalanda. The university was involved mainly in research and deep study of intrinsic truth.

The library of the university had a huge collection of literature and books, which according to some scriptures numbered 9 million volumes. The remnants of the university are scattered in an area of some 14 hectares even now. The fact itself shows that the university was flourishing in a large area and catered the need of a huge section of the students.

Chinese traveler Hsuan Tsang, who came here as faculty lived for some twelve years and taught at the university, describes the versatility of the university. Though a large part of the university has been explored, a huge portion remains unexcavated. It is believed that the Nalanda University could accommodate 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers easily. The famous Chinese traveler describes that the university had such a wonderful scholars that each was outshining another.

Later on a monument was built at the place in 12th century AD. Later, invaders destroyed the whole university and burnt the entire campus including the manuscripts. The whole knowledge was in this way was destroyed by the Turkish invader Bakhtiar Khilji. Some of the rare collections are left and can be found in the museum.

Indian government has tried its best to restore the ancient glory of the place, and in this effort in the year 1951 an international center for Buddhist studies was founded. The centre is also accompanied by another modern institution located at the same place- the Nava Nalanda Mahavir Research. The institute houses some of the rare manuscripts.

Places to See near Nalanda
Nalanda is a popular Buddhist site and tourist destination. Buddhists from all across the globe flock to see the land of Lord Buddha.

Hiuen Tsang Memorial
Hiuen Tsang Memorial is one of the major tourist attractions in Nalanda. Hiuen Tsang Memorial is erected in the memory of the famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang.

Nalanda Museum
Heritage and culture are something which every nation is proud of. Each civilized country in the world has tried to preserve its heritage and the sources from which history of the nation is sketched upon in museums.

Nalanda University
Nalanda was famous center of higher learning during ancient times. Now in ruins, Nalanda is believed to be the first international university.

Pawapuri also known as Apapapuri is a holy site of Jains, located 90 kilometers from Patna, the capital of Bihar and 38 kilometers from Rajgir in Nalanda district.

Nalanda Tourist Attractions
Nalanda is mainly known for its university, though not in existence as of now. The Nalanda University was a flourishing center of higher learning.

Nalanda Weather
Nalanda is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrim destinations popular among Buddhists all over the world.

How to Reach Nalanda
Nalanda is known for its oldest university of human kind. It was a great center of learing during the ancient times. Hieun Tsang, a Chinese traveler, came here during 5th century AD to study the social and political conditions.

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