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Nazrul Geeti is a genre of Bengali songs, developed by the revolutionary poet - Kazi Nazrul Islam. Explore more on Nazrul Geeti of West Bengal.

Nazrul Geeti

Nazrul Geeti is a form of Bangla music, developed by the great revolutionary poet - Kazi Nazrul Islam. The music is highly motivational and revolutionary in nature. It served as the first mass-level introduction of Islam into the mainstream tradition of Bengali music. The music and poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam have been widely used during the freedom struggle. Though quite unlike the Rabindra Sangeet, this genre of music has not been much commercially exploited. The reason for it might be the revolutionary notions of the song lyrics.

Nazrul Geeti is extremely motivational, with strong and powerful words and captivating tunes. It talks about the extremities of everything. The deeply reflected passion of the subject, in this music, makes it a mesmerizing as well as mind-gripping. It talks about almost everything under the sun - be it religion, spirituality, philosophy, love, devotion, patriotism or economy. The music and lyrics of the songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam are provoking, as they talk against conservatism and about life on a broader parameter of philosophy and spirituality.

The beauty of Nazrul Geeti lies in the freedom of its expression, which also drew immense criticism. However, those who understood its philosophy praised the courage and straightforwardness Nazrul. Though the music and lyrics of Nazrul Sangeet seem rugged, in comparison with the sophisticated trend of the contemporary poets and composers, they actually make you look at the real facts of life. Nazrul Music includes songs with deeper philosophies, inculcating the reality of life, instead of dwelling on some unseen and unheard dreams. And this why, they will always be immortal.