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Nestled in the Lesser Himalayas, Kalimpong offers a number of fun activities and things to do. Read to know what to see & do in Kalimpong.

Things to Do in Kalimpong

The quiet atmosphere and the peaceful ambience is the unique aspect of the heightened hill station of Kalimpong. Sandwiched between Darjeeling and Gangtok, Kalimpong is a triangular town located at the foothills of the Shivalik Hills (or Lesser Himalayas). With the breathtaking view of the snowy peaks on one hand and lush green valleys on the other, this little hill station would surely set the heart racing. A quiet and rejuvenating holiday spot, Kalimpong serves as a great weekend getaway. The gushing rivers and bursts of green forests simply add to the scenic beauty of this place. While at Kalimpong, do not forget to miss out the bustling bazaars offering a variety of mementos to be taken back home. To find more activities to be done at Kalimpong, go through the lines below and explore for yourself.

Fun Activities to Do in Kalimpong

River Rafting

For more beautiful surroundings and thrills to add to your Kalimpong holiday, there’s white water rafting in the Teesta and Rangeet rivers. Trained river guides take you along the river for some scenic beauty of the banks, surrounding hills, flora & fauna and several varieties of fishes. The entire trip is sure to leave you mesmerized and enthralled at the end of the day.

Samco Ropeway Excursion
Looking for adventures, take the Samco ropeway to explore the Himalayas in their natural beauty. About 20 km from Kalimpong on the highway to Siliguri, the ropeway spans over the Teesta and Relli rivers over 1.5 km. Visit the ethnic villages, Samthar Plateau and explore the forests on the way to enjoy some unforgettable views of the valley.

Hold on, there is still more to it. No visit to any hill station is complete without a trek through the forests. Kalimpong too offers you to explore some lush green pine covered hills along with tea gardens as the main highlight. While some of these treks can be really tough, attempt only if you are adventurous and willing to take risks.

Explore the Bazaar
Visit the local bazaar at Kalimpong to get a glimpse of the traditional handicrafts that can be collected as souvenirs. You have a wide variety of embroidered items, wood carvings, scrolls, Tibetan jewelry, artifacts, bags and purses, Chinese lamps and copperware to choose leaving you in a dilemma to choose the best among them. Also enjoy the amazing sights of the snow covered Kanchenjunga.