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Alwar city is a popular tourism destination in Rajasthan, India.


Must Visit Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar Fort, Vinay Vilas Mahal
Climate The average temperature in summers is quite high (from April to June). The maximum mean temperature is around 38°Deg C. The winters in Alwar stretch from November to February and are generally cold.
Ideal Time September-February
Languages Hindi, Rajasthani, English
Alwar STD Code 0144

Neemrana Fort Palace, RajasthanThe city of Alwar is known as The Tiger Gate of Rajasthan. Enclosed by the Aravallis, Alwar gives the appearance of being carved marvelously out of rocks. Flourishing deciduous forests and lakes covers the hills. These forests and basins serve as a home to numerous species of birds as well as animals. Situated amongst such beauty, the city proves to be a delight to the eyes. Alwar travel & tourism will find you gazing at some prehistoric and historic sites that are an archaeologists delight. Read on this Alwar city guide to further explore this wonderful city:

Architectural wonders dot the city and leave you mesmerized. Ironically, Alwar in Rajasthan, India is the oldest as well the newest kingdom of the Rajputs. It is the oldest because its customs date far back to the kingdoms of Viratnagar, which flourished around 1500 B.C. Also known by the name of Matasya Desh. In this city, the Pandavas (heroes of Mahabharata) spent the last year of their exile of 13 years. It is believed that a member of the Kachh family belonging to Amber founded the city of Amber.

The city is an architectural delight. The numerous forts and palaces with their intricate decorations take away your heart. Apart from that, the tranquil lakes, grand hunting lodges, archeologically importance sites, numerous varieties of birds and animals, etc, make this city a must see on a tour of Rajasthan.