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Himachal Pradesh camping tour package will enable you to explore the tough terrain of the Indian state.

Himachal Pradesh Camping Tour

Himachal Pradesh Camping TourDestinations covered: Manali - Manikaran - Pulga - Khirganga - Tunda Bhuj - Thakar Kuan - Pandu Bridge - Mantalai Lake - Pandu Bridge - Mantalai Lake - Mantalai Lake - Chinpatta Maidan - Mud - Sagnam - Dhanker - Kaza
Duration: 13 Nights / 14 Days

Day 01: Delhi - Manali
You will arrive at Delhi International airport. Our representatives will receive you and escort you on the journey to Manali. You will reach Manali and then check in to the hotel room, where you will spend rest of the day and night.

Day 02: Manikaran - Pulga
Leave your hotel room early in the morning for Manikaran. You will trek from Manikaran to Pulga through the forest road. It would be a really amazing trekking experience at Pulga. You will spend overnight in the tent, made specifically for adventurous travelers and trekkers.

Day 03: Khirganga - Tunda Bhuj
Experience the adventure of passing through the forest to reach Tunda Bhuj, located at the altitude of 3285 meters. The trail crosses several delightful pastures, supporting a variety of wildflowers in the summer. You will spend another night in tents.

Day 04: Tunda Bhuj - Thakar Kuan
This part of Himachal Pradesh is considered amongst the tough terrains. The place, in midst of birch forest crossing rocks and dense vegetation, will test your acumen and stamina. After crossing the tough terrain, you will reach Thakur Kuan, located at 3560 meters above the cliff section. Yet another staying inside the tent, made purposefully for you.

Day 05: Thakar Kuan - Pandu Bridge
Leave your camp early in the morning for trekking over the terrain of Thakar Kuan. The trail passes several Gaddi encampments, before crossing a side river, by a natural rock bridge. You will reach Pandu Bridge, which is located at an altitude of 3700 meters. You will stay inside the tent to pass your night.

Day 06: Pandu Bridge - Mantalai Lake
How about trekking 15 kilometers to reach Mantalai Lake, which is located at the altitude of 4116 meters. From here, the river Parbati flows towards plain region. The tough terrain here tests the stamina of adventure seekers. Here, you will stay in a camp, on a grassy and attractive terrain, for passing your night.

Day 07: Mantalai Lake - Camp I
Today, you will move forward, towards Camp I, situated on the base of Pin Parvati, situated at the altitude of 4573 meters. You will have to cross and walk over the glacier & moraine and lakes & streams to reach Camp. It would really be an adventurous experience, for lifetime. On reaching at the camp I, you will be staying in tents.

Day 08: Camp I - Camp II
Today you will cross over the Pin Parvati Pass and enjoy the view of several peaks of Kullu & Spiti region. The descent from the pass is gradual, over a snowfield. If your want, you can do skiing also. Here, you will see a Camp near the confluence of Pin River, with other small streams. You will stay overnight inside the tents, made purposefully for tourists.

Day 09: Camp II - Chinpatta Maidan
Today, you will trek down the valley, along the left bank of Pin River. You will enlarge your experience of scaling the tough terrain of the region. You will spend night inside the tent at Chinpatta Maidan, at an altitude of 3955meters.

Day 10: Chinpatta Maidan - Mud
Leave your tent early in the morning and trek down to the first village of Pin Valley, Mud. Mud is located at the altitude of 3811 meters. Here, you will stay inside the tent, like you have been doing in the tour continuously.

Day 11: Mud - Sagnam
Today, you will leave your tent to trek down to Sagnam, a big village on the confluence of Pin and Parahio rivers. The village is located at the height of 3650 m. Trekking down is going to give you thrilling experience, with edges and steep and declining peaks. You will arrive there and spend your night inside the tent.

Day 12: Sagnam - Dhankar - Kaza
You adventure tour is almost complete now and today, you will leave Sagnam, to visit Dhankar Monastery. The monastery is situated on tough terrain, atop the hill and is made of splendid architectural superiority. After visiting the monastery, you will move to Kaza, for overnight stay.

Day 13: Kaza - Manali
Today, you will leave Kaza for Manali. You will arrive at Manali and check in to the hotel. You will stay at the hotel overnight.

Day 14: Manali - Delhi
You will leave Manali early in the morning, for Delhi. You will reach Delhi and will be transferred to IGI airport, from where you will catch flight for your destination. Our representative will assist you throughout the process. This is the end of your pleasing adventure tour to Himachal Pradesh.