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Himachal Pradesh Museums take us back to the royal past of the state. Know about museums of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Museums In Himachal Pradesh

Museums of Himachal Pradesh offer us an insight into the history and the cultural heritage of the state. They take us back to the royal times and throw light on the lifestyle that was prevalent then. Some of the best-known museums of Himachal Pradesh are the Bhuri Singh Museum at Chamba, Roerich Art Gallery and Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum at Naggar, Kangra Art Museum, Shimla State Museum, etc. In this article, we have provided information on almost all these museums.

Bhuri Singh Museum
Bhuri Singh Museum was inaugurated on 14th September 1908, during the reign of Raja Bhuri Singh. Infact, the museum has been named after the king only. Situated close to Chaugan town of Chamba, it was initially started with the paintings donated by Raja Bhuri Singh.

Kangra Art Museum
Situated in Kotwali Bazaar of Dharamsala, Kangra Art Gallery was inaugurated in 1990. It houses an impressive collection of arts, crafts, artifacts, costumes and other treasures, which can be traced to as far back as 5th century.

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) is situated at McLeodganj town of Dharamsala. It was founded by the 14th Dalai Lama and serves as an institution to preserve and promote Tibetan culture.

Roerich Art Gallery
Nicholas Roerich was a Russian who settled down in the beautiful hills of the Himalayas after the revolution of 1917. He was a gifted painter, who dreamt of unifying the world through art. Roerich Art Gallery is set amidst well-tended gardens and has the perfect setting for the display of art.

Shimla State Museum
Shimla State Museum is set on top of a hill, above the Chaura Maidan at Shimla. It is housed in a colonial building, known as Inverarm. One has to hike about 1500 m to reach the colonial mansion housing the museum, but the rich collection exhibited here definitely makes it worth the effort.

Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum
Situated in Naggar, within the premises of the Roerich estate, Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum is just 100 m uphill from the Nicholas K. Roerich Art Gallery. Professor and Madame Nicholas Roerich set it up in 1928, as the Research Institute of Naggar.