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Bhuri Singh Museum of Himachal Pradesh has a rich collection of inscriptions and other artifacts of the Chamba valley.

Bhuri Singh Museum

Bhuri Singh MuseumBhuri Singh Museum was inaugurated on 14th September 1908, during the reign of Raja Bhuri Singh. Infact, the museum has been named after the king only. Situated close to Chaugan town of Chamba, it was initially started with the paintings donated by Raja Bhuri Singh. With time, its collection as well as its popularity grew and today, it comprises of one of the major attractions of Himachal Pradesh. The rich collection of the museum comprises of carved doors from the old palaces, frescoes, copper plate grants, miniature paintings, title deeds and inscriptions on the medieval history of Chamba.

J. Ph. Voghel, an Indologist working for the Archeological Survey of India, traveled throughout Chamba and discovered many old inscriptions scattered all over the valley, which are now displayed in the Bhuri Singh Museum. Most of these inscriptions, such as the Prasastis of Sarahan, Devi-ri-kothi and Mul Kihar, are in Sarda script and bring out some important aspects of the medieval history of Chamba. Along with these, one can also see the paintings belonging to the Basohli School and depicting scenes from Bhagwat Ourana and Ramayana.

Not to be forgotten are the paintings of Guler-Kangra School, depicting scenes from mythological stories of Krishna, Usha-Anirudh, etc, as well as some splendid portraits. The old building was torn down and replaced by concrete monolith, which was inaugurated in 1975 and houses the Bhuri Singh Museum. The antiquities of the museum include coins, royal costumes, jewelry of the region, musical instruments, decorative items, arms and armor, etc. If you want to understand the history and culture of Chamba, a visit to this museum is a must.