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The Khatu Shyamji Fair of Rajasthan is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his devotee Barbarik.

Khatu Shyamji Fair

Time February or March
Venue Khatu Shyamji, Sikar District
How to Reach Khatu Shyamji is 48 km from Sikar (about 115 km from Jaipur), which is well connected with both road as well as rail.
Significance It is dedicated to Shyamji (a manifestation of Lord Krishna) temple.
Highlights Jadula ceremony (the first hair cutting ceremony of young children)

Khatu Shyamji Fair, RajasthanEvery year hoards of devotees visit the Shyamji Temple at Khatu Shyamji. Khatu Shyamji is situated approximately 48 km from the district Sikar (which is 115 km from Jaipur). The temple at Khatu Shyamji gains most importance at the time of the Rajasthan Khatu Shyamji Fair. The annual fair lasting from Phalgun Sudi Dashmi to Dwadashi, attracts devotees in huge numbers. The Khatu Shyamji Fair of Rajasthan usually lasts for three days and generally falls in the month of February or March.

There is a legend connected to the temple itself. It dates back to the time of Mahabharata. It is believed that before the battle of Mahabharata was about to start, the grandson of one of the Pandavas, Bhima, came up to Lord Krishna and Pandavas. He requested them to allow him to take part in the war from their side. However, Lord Krishna realized that he was too mighty and strong. And if he participates, the war will come to a quick end, without any surety of justice.

So, Lord Krishna took the appearance of a Brahmin and asked for the head of Bhima's grandson, Babhruvahan (Barbarik), as a charity (daan). Barbarik readily complied and chopped off his head. Lord Krishna was charmed with the sacrifice and blessed him with two boons. One was that he would be able to see the war from the hillock, where Lord Krishna had placed his head. Other was that he would be worshipped as Shyam (Lord Krishna) himself, in the coming era of Kaliyug.

Apart from the visit to Shyamji Temple, the other attraction of the fair is the Jadula ceremony. It is the ceremony in which hairs of young children are cut for the first time.