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The Fairy Queen is a luxury train, which explores the cultural heritage of Rajasthan, India.

Fairy Queen Train

Destinations Covered Day 1: Delhi/Alwar | Day 2: Alwar/Sariska
History World's oldest broad gauge working engine by Guinness Book

Fairy Queen is the oldest steam locomotive in the world. Built in the year 1855, it has been declared as the world's oldest broad gauge working engine by the Guinness Book of World Records. Stopped for some time, it later resumed its once a week run from New Delhi Cantonment Station to Alwar. However, this ride is undertaken only during winters. In the summer season, the Rajasthan Fairy Queen is kept in the National Rail Museum in Delhi. The train has only a first class coach that is not air-conditioned, along with a pantry car for on board catering. The train undertakes journey only once a month, during the period of October to February.

Fairy Queen of Rajasthan, India has capacity to take 50 discerning passengers only. It takes tourists on two-day weekend trips from Delhi to Alwar on selected days. Stopping at all the major destinations, Fairy Queen brings you face to face with the splendor and legacy of Rajasthan. After arrival in Alwar, the passengers leave for a short drive to the Sariska National Park. The night stay is at the sanctuary only with theme dinner and performances by folk artists. Throughout the journey, you will get a special treatment that will remind you of the royal past of Rajasthan.