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Information on Fateh Prakash Palace of Udaipur.

Fateh Prakash Palace

Highlights: Mewar School paintings adorning the interiors of the palace and a splendid collection of crystals

Fateh Prakash Palace ChittorgarhOne of the famous palaces of Rajasthan is the Fateh Prakash Palace in Udaipur. The corridors of the Fateh Prakash palace are adorned with huge paintings of the Mewar School, which flourished during 17th to 19th century. The Fateh Prakash Palace at udaipur was resided in by Maharana Fateh Singh. The main attractions of the Fateh Prakash Palace include:

Crystal Gallery
The crystal gallery of Fateh Prakash Palace, Udaipur has a splendid collection of crystals. The main collector of these crystals was Maharana Sajjan Singh who ordered these crystals from F & C Osler England. Unfortunately he, himself, could never see his amazing collection. The reason was his untimely death. One of the famous pieces of this crystal gallery is an intricate jewel studded carpet. The gallery has a collection of numerous other crystal items including tables, sofa sets, dinning table, dressers, fountains, beds, washing bowls, decanters, perfume bottles and so on.

Durbar Hall
Durbar Hall is usually the venue for holding state banquets formal and informal meetings. The most extensive and splendid Durbar Hall in India is the Durbar Hall at the Fateh Prakash Palace. One of the grandest chambers in Udaipur, it is massive as far as the size is concerned. The most attractive feature of the hall is the chandelier hanging in the middle of the hall. Other attractions of the Durbar include the paintings of Maharanas and various weapons that decorate the walls. There are a number of viewing galleries surrounding the hall. They were meant for the ladies of the palace, to let them have a view from the privacy of their veils.