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Get to know about tipping in Uttar Pradesh/Utter Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh Tipping will talk about how much to tip and tipping amount in UP.

Tipping in Uttar Pradesh

Tipping is the standard part of any service provision all over the world. In fact, the culture is so globalize that you will find people asking for the same in places as obscure as Monaco and Tashkent. The same is true for India too. The tipping culture, for good or bad, has become a part and parcel with the service provision.

The standard tipping amount is between 10-15% of the final bill. Of course, it can vary according to place, quality of service and the billing amount. Keep in mind that most of the star-grade hotels and posh showrooms add the service charge in your bill and the final bill that is presented to you is inclusive of that. In that case, it is completely on you to Tip or not but sparing some dimes for the poor soul is not a bad idea after all.

In many places generous tip can make a mere go. It will ensure that the person you are dealing with goes out of way to help you out. So keep tipping generously at every place be it hotels, restaurants or showrooms. Bon Voyage.