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Suketi Fossil Park is a one-of-its-kind park, not only in Himachal Pradesh, but also the whole of India.

Suketi Fossil Park

Suketi Fossil Park was the first park in Asia that to be situated on the site where the actual fossils were unearthed. Situated at a distance of 21 km from Nahan, this park is sited on the bank of Markanda River. It lies on the upper and middle Shiwaliks and has soft sandstone and clay rocks. Suketi Fossil Park is known for its six life size fiberglass models of pre-historic animals, whose fossils and skeletons were found at Suketi. These models depict Crocodilia; giant land tortoise and chelonia (Colosschelys Atlas).

The other fossils unearthed in this amazing park of India include grand elephant (Stegodonganesa Sivatherium) - now extinct; hippopotamus with six incisors (Hexaprotodon Sivalensis) and saber-toothed tiger (Paramachaerdus) that were once quite abundant in this region. Shiwaliks are said to have one of the world's largest number of mammalian fossils that can help paleontologists understand evolution and prehistoric era.

The fossils found at Suketi Fossil Park of Himachal Pradesh were as old as 8.5 million years! Besides knowing more about the terrestrial fauna that has long been extinct, you can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The Horticulture Department of the place has done good work and the grounds are well maintained. The museum here gives you a chance to study the models, fossils, charts and paintings of present and past flora and fauna of the Shiwaliks closely.