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Padam Palace is one of the major attractions of Rampur. Get information on the Padam Palace of Himachal Pradesh.

Padam Palace

Situated at a distance of approximately 125 km from Shimla is Padam Palace, one of the major attractions of Rampur. It once served as the Winter Capital of the former princely state of Bushair. Raja Padam Singh laid the foundation the palace on the left bank of River Satluj in the year 1919. The construction of Padam Palace took six years and it was completed in 1925. Chief engineer who supervised its construction was known as Bir Chand Shukla. Near the palace one can see a nunnery; a temple and a museum situated nearby.

Padam palace of Himachal Pradesh is exemplary in its own right due to its architectural style and craftsmanship. The double-storied building is made up of wood that came from the forests of Munish and Dhamreda and stone that was quarried at Khaneri. Black gram was used as the cement between the stone blocks. The tin roof has beautiful spiral projections. The contrast of stone arches on the lower floor, exquisitely carved woodwork on the upper floor and the wooden screen with intricate floral designs and figurines is quite interesting.

Padam palace has a sprawling lawn that serves as the venue for all the festivities and public functions held in the royal palace. Macchkandi, the seating area for the royalty during celebrations, is situated at one end of the lawn and is definitely a masterpiece in woodwork. Woodwork has been done so cleverly that sunlight is let in, but people inside are not visible to the outsiders. Gurjit Singh Fishta was the designer of the Macchkandi.

The father-son duo that transformed his designs into reality is that of Gurmail Singh and Gurdev Singh. Even the halls of the Padam Palace are used to host royal functions. The walls of the palace are adorned with portraits of the royalty and its ceilings display some of the most stunning wooden work of art. Apartments and residences of the royal family members are located inside as well as outside this building.