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In this article we tell you about the electricity, power and voltage and electric current in Kashmir, India.

Electricity in Kashmir

Electricity in KashmirThe electric current in Kashmir is in the range of 240 Volts, at 50 cycles per second. In case you are getting electrical equipment that does not work at 240 Volts at 50 Hertz, then, do carry a voltage converter with you. As per the power and voltage in India, you may use the following three types of Voltage converters:
  • Resistor-network converters (for approximately 50 -1600 Watts support)
  • Transformers (for around 50 - 100 Watts support)
  • Combination converters (resistor network and transformer in the same package)

Another thing worth mentioning regarding electricity in Kashmir is the type of plug outlets. Outlets in Kashmir generally accept the two-round pins plug and three round pins lug, arranged in a triangle. In case of any other plug shape, you will need a plug adapter.