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The culture of Jammu and Kashmir is a reflection of the unique socio-cultural ethos of the state. Read more about the Culture of Kashmir in India.

Culture of Kashmir

Culture of KashmirThe cultural heritage of Kashmir valley is an amalgamation of sorts. The numerous civilizations that have inhabited the Kashmir valley from time to time have left their impression on the culture of Kashmir. The state of Kashmir abounds in ancient literature, language, religion, arts, crafts, dance, music, etc. Infact, the people of Kashmir have made significant contribution in the fields of story telling, poetry, philosophy, sciences, etc. The handicrafts of Kashmir like Pashmina shawls, papier-mâché products, silk carpets, woodwork, etc are admired throughout the world.

The renowned folk songs and dances are an integral part of the Kashmir culture. Music and dance is a way of celebrating festivities for the people of Kashmir. At one point of time in the past, Kashmir served as one of the highest learning centers of Sanskrit and Persian. With time, the cultural heritage of Kashmir, India, has evolved more and more. However, this beautiful and peaceful valley has managed to protect itself from the ravages of progress to some an extent. The rich and deep-rooted ancient tradition of the Indian culture stills retains its place in the heart of Kashmir.