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This article will provide you information about the Jhiri Mela of Jammu and Kashmir in India.

Jhiri Mela

Time of Celebration: October-November
Significance: Commemorates the martyrdom of Jitu Baba

Jhiri Mela is organized in the month of October-November to commemorate the martyrdom of Jitu Baba. Baba Jitu was a simple and honest farmer, who lived in the Jhiri Village, 14 km from Jammu. He was often troubled by his tyrant landlord and harassed to give away his crop. One day, fed up with the oppression, he killed himself, as a protest against the atrocities of the local landlord. The Jhiri Mela is held every year in Kashmir to honor the audacity and integrity of the Baba. It is also believed that on the day of the Jhiri Mela the followers of Baba gather at Jhiri from every corner of North India.