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One of the best ways to enjoy Rajasthan grandeur is through an elephant safari tour.

Elephant Safari in Rajasthan

Best time for an Elephant Safari October to March

Elephant Safari in RajasthanRajasthan Elephant Safari is the most majestic way of exploring the rich state. Infact, an elephant safari will give a royal touch to your trip, since, they were one of the major means of transportation of the kings, in the past. The slow and steady pace of the elephant lets you enjoy Rajasthan at your own leisure. The best routes for an Elephant Safari Tour of Rajasthan are those in and around the major towns. Also, Elephant Safaris are also quite popular for exploring the rich wildlife of the various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of the state. Along with that, these safaris also include visits to the old forts and palaces of Rajasthan. Elephant Safaris of Rajasthan, India are elaborate affairs and are the grandest and the most majestic of the various safaris of the state.