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One of the best ways to enjoy the grandeur of Rajasthan is through a jeep safari tour.

Jeep Safari in Rajasthan

Major Routes Shekhawati, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and the various wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan.
Best time for a Jeep Safari October to March

Jeep Safaris in RajasthanRajasthan Jeep safari is the fastest and the most convenient way to explore the desert state. The thrill and the excitement that you will derive out of a jeep safari does not have any match. A jeep safari tour of Rajasthan will let you explore this beautiful state at your own pace and convenience. You can vary the speed as well as the route of the safari as per your own requirements. Another plus point of a Jeep safari of Rajasthan is its capability to pass through the most rugged of the desert terrain.

Jeep Safaris of Rajasthan, India are the best for exploring the rich flora and fauna of the various Wildlife Sanctuaries and the National Parks of the state. Also included in the itinerary of the Jeep Safaris are the various ethnic villages of Rajasthan that give you a peek into the rural aspect of the state. Other attractions of a Rajasthan Jeep Safari include a visit to the ruins of old forts and numerous temple complexes, rich in architecture as well as history. Some of the most popular routes of Jeep Safaris are Shekhawati, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.