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Get more information on the weather and climate of Chail.

Chail Weather

Chail WeatherWith excellent location, in the sub-Himalayan range of mountains, the place is pleasing in all weather conditions. Chail is a delight for tourists in every season, taking its popularity to high levels. Chail, considered a paradise for honeymooners, is equally popular among school tour operators in the summer season. A host of activities takes place here, depending on the weather condition. Cricket ground and Polo club, the major attractions, are opened during winters too.

Summer is perfect time to visit Chail. In fact, it is the time when the hill station is full packed with tourists coming from all over. The summers in Chail arrive generally in the month of May and lasts through June. The maximum summer temperature in Chail is generally around 26 degrees centigrade. Travelers are recommended to bring light cotton clothes to wear in this season.

Monsoon in Chail stretches from the end-June to September. The greenery that fills Chail, after the rain, makes it all the more beautiful. Monsoon is regarded as the trekkers' season, which further continues till end-August. International tourists also visit this place during the monsoons. There can be travel disturbances during rainy weather, but these can be avoided with precaution.

Winters in Chail, which start from the month of October and lasts until February, are extremely cold. However, even extreme weather condition in Chail does not stop tourists from coming to see snowcapped peaks. In month of March, Chail become colorful, for its spring season and one can see colorful fruits and flowers that are typical to this region. Multicolored butterflies all around the place have a rejuvenating effect on everyone. Travelers are recommended to come with heavy woolen clothes during winters, to enjoy exotic treat at Chail.