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Nurpur Fort situated in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh was once known as Dhameri.

Nurpur Fort

Location: 66 km from Dharamsala
Highlights: Temple of Bris Raj Bihari

Nurpur FortLocated 66 km from Dharamsala and 24 km from Pathankot, Nurpur Fort was constructed by Raja Basu more than one thousand years ago. Initially, it was known as Dhameri. However, Jehangir, the grandson of Mughal Emperor Akbar, later renamed it as 'Nurpur', in the honor of his beloved wife 'Noor Jehan'. The fort lies on the banks of River Jabbar and falls under the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

One of the major attractions of Nurpur Fort is a very old Krishna Temple, known as the Temple of Bris Raj Bihari. According to the folklore, the idol of Lord Krishna that has been enshrined in the temple is the one that used to be worshipped by Meera Bai. The first mention of Nurpur Fort can be seen in the accounts of the historians belonging to the times of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Even though, the fort is now in ruins, it is still worth visiting, especially for its exquisite relief work.