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Vishnupur festival is a unique display of Bengal's rich cultural heritage. Know more about Bishnupur Festival of West Bengal.

Vishnupur Festival

Vishnupur FestivalCelebrated In: December
Celebrated At: Vishnupur (Bankura district of West Bengal)
Duration: Five days

Vishnupur, situated in the Bankura district of West Bengal, is the seat of ancient culture of Bengal. Adorned by magnificent art and architecture, this city tells the tale of the golden era of the state. The city of Bishnupur encloses within its boundaries a number of glorious monuments, like Shyam Ray Temple, Jorbangla and Radhey Shyam Temple. It is a place where you can really experience the true heritage of West Bengal.

Vishnupur fest, held in the Vishnupur city, from December 27th to 31st, holds the status of a national fair. It is organized near the Madanmohna temple, in the city. The festival provides us a glimpse into the folk and art forms that make up the fabulous culture of Bengal. It is where you can actually see a blend of the grandeur of ancient Bangla society and advancement of present Bangla society.

The tribal culture, which is one of the ancient cultures in West Bengal, can be beautifully observed during the Bishnupur Festival. The local sculptures and handicrafts of West Bengal, displayed during the festival, will certainly catch your attention. These local items still retain their charisma, individuality and uniqueness. The local hand made fabrics and the hand prints cloths are simply exquisite and lure domestic as well as international tourists.