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All those who are interested in knowing about the major national and public holidays in West Bengal can refer to this article.

Holidays in West Bengal

Holidays in West BengalWest Bengal is the state of fairs and festivals. The culture of the state is adorned by umpteen colorful fairs and festivals. All the festivals are celebrated here by immense joy and enormous enthusiasm. Apart from usual festivals celebrated all over India, there are many festivals that are exclusive of West Bengal only. For instance, birthday of Rabindranath and Nabo-Borsho are celebrated exclusively in this state. On these days, all the government and private organizations give holidays to their employees. In the following lines, we have provided a list of the public as well as national holidays of West Bengal.

Major Holidays in West Bengal

National Holidays
  • Republic Day (26th January)
  • Independence Day (15th August)
  • Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October)

Public Holidays
  • Id-Uz-Zoha
  • Doljatra
  • Bengali New Year’s Day (Nabo-borsho)
  • Mahalaya
  • Durga Pooja (Sapti to Dashmi)
  • Edadasi of Durga Puja
  • Diwali
  • Kali Puja
  • Id-ul-fitr
  • Guru Nanak’s Birthday
  • Netaji’s Birthday
  • Shree Panchami
  • Muharram
  • May Day
  • Lakshmi Puja
  • Christmas
  • Fateh-Duaz-Daham 
  • Birthday of Rabindranath
  • Janmastami
  • Bhatridwitya
  • Birthday of Poet Bhanu Bhakt (Darjeeling only)