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West Bengal
It is advised to hire a guide if you are visiting West Bengal for the first time. Get more information on tourist guides in West Bengal, India.

Tourist Guides in West Bengal

Tourist Guides in West BengalWest Bengal is too big a place to be explored on your own. Until and unless you have a complete idea of the place, you will not be able to fully explore and enjoy it. In case you are going to visit West Bengal for the first time, make sure to hire a travel guide on the very first day itself, without wasting any time. As an expert of the place, he will have complete idea of the spots that you should explore as well as the mode of transportation that will suitable for the same. In other words, under the guidance of a tourist guide, you will have a hassle free trip. However, while hiring a tourist guide in West Bengal, keep the following tips in mind, so that you do not end up getting deceived or cheated.

Tourist Guides In West Bengal
  • Always hire a tourist guide who is registered with Government and has a valid license number.
  • Either hire the guides from registered agencies with fix slabs or fix the price beforehand, in order to avoid any hassle late on.
  • You should pay a handsome tip to the guide, if you are pleased with his services. However, avoid being extravagant.
  • Never handle any expensive item or any important document, like passport and visa, to the guides. They might misplace them or, in the worst case, flee away with them.
  • It is advisable for you to not be rude with the tourist guide and treat him with respect. At the same time, avoid being extra friendly.
  • Agree with your guide's suggestions only when you feel comfortable with them. Avoid going to complete unknown and lonely place with him, alone.
  • Avoid carrying too many expensive items with you while on a tour. Even if you do, do not show-off these things in front of your guide.