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There are a large number of tourist places near Purulia. A list of all the popular excursions from Purulia, West Bengal, has been given here.

Purulia Excursions

GarhpanchakotOne of the nineteen districts of West Bengal, a state in eastern India, Purulia boasts of a rich cultural heritage and tradition. The town of Purulia is the administrative headquarters of the district. Apart from the numerous tourist attraction places in Purulia (town), there are several must see places around. Located just a few kilometers away from the town, many of these excursions present you with an opportunity to watch the relics and remnants of the bygone era. To get detailed information on the tourist place near Purulia, browse through the following lines.

Excursions From Purulia

Matha Forest
Just 45 km from Purulia rests the Matha forest, a starting point for trekking to Ajodhya. The place is an excellent spot for nature lovers and adventure freaks. Boasting of an unruffled beauty, Matha forest makes for a great trekking expedition. It also serves as the gateway to the great Ajodhya Hills. The place is close to Balarampur town. The best time to visit Matha forest is during winter and spring season.

Garhpanchakot is a great site for archeologists and historians, as the place has immense historical importance. Once home to the Garh Panhakot Fort below the Panchet Hills, the place, today, has a carcass of the fort left. The area is about 67 km from Purulia, its nearest town being Raghunathpur, at about 22 km distance. There are bus services that connect Garhpanchakot to other towns. Apart from this, tourists can also opt for private transport from Raghunathpur. Monsoon and winter are the ideal season to visit Garhpanchakot.

A submerged temple-site in West Bengal, Telkupi was once a land of temples with rich cultural heritage and tradition. The region had a large number of temples within a small space. While in the yesteryears, the number of temples existing in the area numbered about 20, the figure came down drastically with time. Today, Telkupi is home to only two temples, while one is visible half-submerged in the Damodar reservoir, at the Panchet Dam. Dating back to the 7th century, these temples reflect the golden years of India. The site is located about 65 km from Purulia and is best visited during the spring or winter season.

A quaint little place, Mukutmanipur serves as one of the best picnic spots near Purulia, about 80 km away. The place houses a giant water reservoir named Kangsabati Dam, which is the second biggest earth dam in India. As per reports, Mukutamanipur is also home to the world’s longest man-made mud-banked fresh water barrage, extending for about 10.8 km. Located at the confluence of Kangsabati and Kumari rivers, Mukutmanipur qualifies as an extremely beautiful and picturesque location. It offers tourists unexplored nature, making the ambience blissful and charismatic. Apart from being one of the finest picnic spots, the area is also ideal for enjoying the adventure of rivers, hills and jungles.