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Here is given information about the people of Andhra Pradesh. Explore the lifestyle and culture of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Andhra Pradesh People

Andhra Pradesh PeopleAndhra Pradesh has a concoction of various communities, religions, customs, lifestyles and cultures. In broad terms, the people of Andhra are nice and friendly, who live in perfect harmony, inspite of belonging to different castes and following different religions. Indeed, many people have come from other states and areas to settle in Andhra Pradesh for commercial reasons. Like people from other parts of India, Andhra dwellers are kind, polite and god-fearing, who reside maintaintaing social peace and religious accord.

Infact, there is no segregation on the basis of caste or color, yet every society has its own tribal identity, which is known as its caste. The caste conflict in the state is nothing more than the existing tribalism. The castes have been categorized in two, one being based on the tribal, cultural and religious differences, while the other is based on duties. Except from the Brahmins, all the other castes are exceptionally localized in Andhra Pradesh. Every caste has its own deity and different social formalities.

Few people still observe old traditions, which forbid interaction between various castes due to religious, cultural and tribal concerns. From the primitive times, Andhra Pradesh makes the abode of foresters, hill-men and other tribes. The nomads and tribals still dwell in the expanse of the state. In the big cities and towns, people have taken up contemporary jobs and businesses, yet there are lots of people who rely on agriculture, cottage and handicraft industry. In short, people of Andhra Pradesh have held on to their roots and yet have proceeded with the modern times.