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Vijayawada basically observes tropical type of climate. Check out weather information on Vijayawada.

Vijayawada Weather

Climate: Tropical
Summer Temperature: Maximum - 47°C, Minimum - 28°C
Winter Temperature: Maximum - 30°C, Minimum - 15°C

Vijayawada, the City of Victory, essentially observes tropical climate with intense humidity. The geography of the city clarifies the climate of the third largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Rivers and hills are the basic part of county's landscape. In the vein of other parts of India, Vijayawada too, enjoys three basic seasons of summer, monsoon and winter. Summers lingers from the month of March to June, where the mercury commonly touches the mark of 47°C. The acute temperature along with humidity makes it really difficult to sustain in such weather conditions.

Owing to its blazing summer heat, Vijayawada is also named as 'Blazewada'. The monsoon season brings a little relief to the scorched souls though not much. It persists from the month of July to October. As per the weather information, the city gets rainfall from both south-west monsoon and north-east monsoon. The erratic showers make the region all the more sultry and muggy. Winters elongates from the month of November to December, where temperature goes to the minimum of 15°C. It offers pleasant weather and the best time to visit the city of Vijayawada.