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The climate of Warangal is tropical in broad terms. Check out weather information on the Warangal city.

Warangal Weather

Climate: Tropical
Summer temperature: Minimum 23.2°C, Maximum 39.6°C
Winter temperature: Minimum 13.5°C, Maximum 30°C
Annual rainfall: 82.5 cm

Sited in the South-Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Warangal essentially experiences tropical type of climate. Like any other part of India, it also enjoys three seasons - including summers, monsoons and winters. The summer season continues from March to May, with the temperature rising to a maximum of 39.6°C and lowering to a minimum of 23.2°C. With pre-monsoon showers in mid-June, the weather gets a little better, but not good enough to let people enjoy the historical place. As per the information available, Warangal receives an annual rainfall of 82.5 cm.

Monsoons prevail from June to September and irregular showers drench the city at intervals, leaving it highly humid. After monsoons, winters brings a feel of coziness and cool breeze often envelopes the region in the evenings. The winter season in Warangal elongates from November to June, where temperature goes down to a minimum of 13.5°C. The pleasant weather calls on tourists to visit this ancient capital of the Kakatiyas. Though Warangal enjoys pleasing climate throughout the year, the winter season offer the best time to visit this place of historical importance.