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Check out tips for handling tourist guides in Kerala and know how to deal with them.

Kerala Tourist Guides

When visiting any place as a tourist, it is best to hire a guide for sight seeing. Tourist guides in Kerala are easily available round the clock and charge a nominal amount for their services. You can always ask your hotel to arrange a Kerala tourist guide for you. Usually these guides are well conversed in English and other local languages. Some guides can even speak French, Spanish and German. However, there are certain precautions that one must keep in mind while hiring these guides. Check out these helpful tips for handling Kerala guides.

  • Always fix an amount that is to be given to the guide for his services. Do not pay him the entire amount in advance. Keep a small amount to be given as advance.
  • You are not required to give tips to guides. However, if the service has been exceptionally good, you can tip a small amount.
  • Do not be fully at the mercy of the guide. Be alert. Ask for information and other help if required. Do not let them take you for granted. Remember, you are paying for the service.
  • Do not flash your money in front of the guide or give him your credit card or other personal belongings.
  • Try to use your intuition about a place the guide is taking you to. If you feel something is fishy, do not go there.