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Check out information on weather conditions and climate of Kerala.

Kerala Weather

Kerala WeatherKerala is blessed with varied geographical features that ensure the climatic condition of Kerala is as varied as the topography. In Kerala, weather is usually tropical with almost no dry spells. Kerala weather and climate remain pleasant throughout the year and one does not experience extremes in weather conditions as in the plains. Neither is it too hot nor is it too cold, though it rains heavily there. Read on further for information on weather conditions of Kerala.

Weather in Summer
Kerala experiences hot summer months. Since the south of India lies near the equator, the temperature in summers usually goes up. Since Kerala is located on the coast, the on-shore winds cool off the temperature as evening settles in. Also, the greenery in Kerala keeps the temperature moderate. The maximum temperature in Kerala goes upto 35o Celsius. The evening and nights are relatively cooler.

Weather in Monsoons
It pours almost throughout the year in Kerala. Almost all months experience one good rainfall. This helps in keeping the heat from turning into dry spells. Kerala experiences monsoons twice a year. The southwest monsoons winds bring heavy rainfall in the months of May to July. In the months of October-November, Kerala receives another good dose of rainfall from northeast monsoons. Going to Kerala during monsoons is an experience in itself.

Weather in Winters
Kerala hardly has cold winters. Mornings are pleasantly warm and evenings are mildly chilly. The minimum temperature does not go below 20o Celsius. People do not wear woolen clothes. Just full sleeved shirts are enough for sustaining the chill.