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Also known as Sonar Quila, the Jaisalmer fort is another one of the magnificent forts in Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer Fort

Location Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Highlights A palace, havelis of rich merchants, several temples and residential complexes of the armies and traders.

Jaisalmer Fort, RajasthanStanding almost 30 m above the city of Jaisalmer is the Jaisalmer fort. The fort is also known as the Sonar Quila. This is because standing against the backdrop of the desert with its golden sand, the fort looks straight out of a fairy tale. Sonar Quila of Jaisalmer is a massive complex comprising of a palace, various security sources, the havelis of rich merchants, several temples and the residential complexes of the armies and traders.

During the reign of the Bhatti Rajputs, the Merchant community acquired great deal of power. They constructed huge mansions (havelis) adjacent to each other. The havelis of merchants have decorations on walls and ceilings and carvings on outdoors and interiors. The sandstone mansions of the merchants were built by stone craftsmen. The sculptural filigree, screen windows, delicate pavilions and beautiful balconies of the mansions are worth paying attention to. Even today, these examples of superb architecture stand inhabited.

Also enclosed within the fort is an entire living area within huge ramparts. The walk to the fort, through the narrow lanes, is an experience in itself. Leading to the fort are its four gates Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhoot Pol and Hawa Pol. The Jaisalmer fort of Rajasthan also encompasses a group of Jain temples dating back to the 12th century.

Reaching Jaisalmer Fort
By Air
The nearest airport is at Jodhpur, 285 Km away from Jaisalmer.

By Rail
Jaisalmer is connected to rest of India by well-laid railway tracks.

By Road
Jaisalmer is connected to other parts of Rajasthan and neighboring states by a well-developed network of roads.