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One of the most famous and fascinating forts of Rajasthan is the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur.

Mehrangarh Fort

Constructed By Rao Jodha
Year of construction 1459
Highlights The largest fort in India, it houses seven gates, a number of galleries and palaces and a museum.

Mehrangarh Fort in RajasthanRao Jodha, the chief of Rathore clan, got the Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur constructed in 1459. It is situated on 150 m high hill and can be reached from the city through a circular road. It is one of the largest and most magnificent forts in India. Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur, Rajasthan has 7 gates, which need to be crossed before reaching the main complex.

There is a chhatri of a soldier Kirat Singh Soda to the left of the Mehrangarh fort. He fell while defending the fort against the armies of Amber on the stop where the chhatri now stands. There is a gate named Jayapol (meaning victory) built by Maharaja Man Singh to celebrate the defeat of Jaipur and Bikaner. Maharaja Ajit Singh also constructed a gate called Fattehpol (meaning victory) to commemorate the win over Mughals. Another gate called Lohapol (meaning iron gate) has palm imprints of the queens of Maharaja Man who immolated themselves in an act of sati.

The other attractions of the Mehrangarh fort are:

There are a number of galleries in the Mehrangarh fort including elephant howdah gallery, palanquin gallery, daulat khana, armory gallery, paintings gallery, turbans gallery, etc.

Mehrangarh fort houses one of the finest museums of Rajasthan. The museum displays an array of items including old royal palanquins, arms, costumes, paintings, decorated period rooms, etc.

Period Rooms/Palaces
Mehrangarh fort also encompasses a number of period room or palaces. Some of them are Phool Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Moti Mahal, Jhanki Mahal, etc.