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Get to know about shopping in Trichy. Shopping in Trichy will talk about the shopping attractions and places in Tiruchirapalli.

Shopping in Trichy

Trichy is a shopper's paradise. Among others, Tiruchirapalli is famous for its cheroots, cigars, handicrafts, brassware, jewelry and carpets. Trichy is famous for variety of fresh and colorful flowers too. Traditional handicrafts of Tamilnadu are available in abundance in Trichy. Woodcrafts and weaving is a rich tradition here. Baskets, mats made out of bamboo, cane, grasses, reeds and fibers make good shopping in Trichy.

Government run emporia and private shops are the most favored shopping destinations in Trichy. Apart from the Government run establishments, Big Bazaar Road and Chinnar Bazaar are good places where you can hang around for shopping in Trichy. Colorful assortment of artifacts and bustling streets are something that will catch your fancy.